Papers and Articles

A Recipe for Fiscal Trust  (IMFG). Co-authored with Pamela Robinson.

A Recipe for Fiscal Trust, Parts I & II (Bang the Table). Co-authored with Pamela Robinson.

Reaping the Benefits of Tower Renewal (Atkinson Field Notes, 15 June 2015) co-authored with John Brodhead

Previous Works

Panhandling for Change in Canadian Law (2000) 15 Journal of Law and Social Policy

The Perfect Storm: Issues Affecting Program Rights in Canada (LSUC Communications Law Conference, 2008).

The State of Play: Music Distribution in the 21st Century.  (LSUC Communications Law Conference, 2006). Co-authored with M. McAlister.

Blurring the Boundaries:  Current Issues in Program Rights and Broadcasting Law. (LSUC Communications Law Conference, 2002). Co-authored with M. Koch, M. McAlister.